Cry Me an Ocean- what’s gonna happen now, Frank?

Are you a fan or stan? Maybe you’re a naysayer or an observer. Either way, following Frank Ocean is painful.

I became disenchanted with Ocean last summer when Boys Don’t Cry didn’t appear. I completely respect an artist taking their time and working to their own pace. But, this was worrying. Where was Frank? Was he okay? Had anyone heard from him?


What you writing?

We don’t need to discuss Frank Ocean or his delayed albums any further. We’ve all felt the heartache, I don’t need to add anymore salt to this wound.

If the album does magically appear today or over the weekend, where’s it gonna be? Frank likes mystery, limited releases, and teasing his fans. No way is this thing gonna land fully formed on Spotify. Tidal? Tidal would make sense as Frank is friendly with Kanye, Jay and Bey. However, Apple Music watermarks have appeared on all the strange workshop videos Frank’s been streaming online. One might think that because Apple is involved the album will get an official release date and arrive on schedule. Not really. Apple appear to give great autonomy to artists over their release schedules and PR. It was Apple that let Beyonce drop Beyonce. It was Apple that allowed Kendrick Lamar to release ..A Butterfly early. Frank Ocean could probably delay this album for another year, and Apple will still patiently wait. I imagine that Jay Z and Tidal might give him a kick up the ass to release his music, but Apple will allow him to release whenever he sees fit.


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