New Azealia Banks: Used To Being Alone

Miss Banks releases new electro sad tune.

Azealia Banks dropped new tune ‘Used To Being Alone’ on her Soundcloud yesterday, and it’s worth a listen. Banks’ music is forever marred by controversy. Ever since ‘212‘ became the huge phenomena song that it was, Banks has had countless ‘online feuds’ and personal issues. Her 2104 album, Broke With Expensive Taste was a stomper, hopefully this release signifies that good things are on their way for Azealia- but only if she drops the online scraps.


Banks is so much more than that song. Back in 2011, a night out wasn’t complete until you violently screamed”Ima ruin you cunt” into your mate’s face. It’s still a great song. A song as edgy as ‘212’ doesn’t just fade away quietly. I still hear it played on nights out now. But, ask the average girl screaming about her ‘cunt gettin eaten’ who Azealia Banks is and she probably can’t tell you.



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