Back to Belfast: AVA Fest Looking Fresh 

A trip up north is in order. 

Belfast’s AVA festival just announced its 2016 lineup. The Audio Visual Arts Festival has really grown over the past few years. Hopefully 2016 is the year the fest gets the praise it deserves.

For the music, AVA always promotes Irish DJs and electronic acts from both sides of the border. Some established names- Bicep (pictured above) and Mano Le Tough, feature along with brilliant breakthrough acts like Terriers. International DJs do feature but there is a real commitment to showing Northern Irish talent.

Whilst AVA is a banging music fest by night, by day the venue plays host to talks and workshops from audio visual professionals. There’s also interview sessions with the headline music acts. As a festival it shows great love for music, audio visual tech, and the people making things happen.

The festival takes place over Saturday June 4 at T13, part of Belfast’s historic Titanic Quarter. Yes, in case you didn’t know, that Titanic was built in Belfast. The H&W shipyards where she was built still stand today.

The tickets are available here and start from just £30. The way AVA aims to teach, inspire, and provide opportunity to those who want to work in music or audio visual technology is a refreshing change from music fests which operate solely as a ticket selling business. There’s still some passion here.


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