Rihanna Breaking Hearts Again

At least somebody has got to listen to Anti. 

Rihanna just tweeted a selfie captioned ‘listening to ANTI’. Does this mean Anti is finally ready to go? Just check out the decadence of this headphone bling.

The pic posted to Rihanna’s Twitter today.

We love Riri. This album delay doesn’t change that. However, this wait is particularly testing. The first single off Anti, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’, came out almost a year ago. The Anti world tour, which centres around this album, begins in San Diego exactly one month from now. How are fans in California to get excited for a tour of an album which is yet to appear. Rihanna’s Navy is fiercely loyal, she might not lose fans but she is sure agitating them. $100+ for a ticket to the Anti tour, but there’s no songs to get excited about apart from ‘BBHMM’ and maybe, ‘Four Five Seconds’, which again came out over a year ago.

We give the utmost respect to popstars who refuse to release an album until the album is ready. Though over the past year we’ve been given album artwork, a gallery party for said album artwork, but no actual music. Everything indicates that the album is ready to go. Hopefully this selfie means that the Anti is coming soon.

Rihanna alongside the artwork for Anti.

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