Painting With Animal Collective

That title was a little joke, yegetit? 

Animal Collective should be releasing a new album soon, how soon? February 19 soon. Okay, so there’s still a few weeks to go but let’s discuss it anyway.

Called Painting With, this will be AC’s first album album since 2012. In a recent interview with Pitchfork, the band explained that they recorded it in L.A., while in a ‘prehistoric vibe’. Well if you’re going to go for any vibe, why not go prehistoric. Recurring Collective member Deakin does not feature on Painting With. This chopping and changing of band members is nothing new with Animal Collective. The lineup varies slightly on every album. However, Painting.. features some seriously cool gueststars: Colin Stetson, Bon Iver, Tom Waits and John Cale.

The first single off Painting With, ‘FloriDada’ surfaced early this year along with a typically LSDish video. The video isn’t suitable for those with epilepsy however, so please be careful.

The guys will undertake a massive tour kicking off Feb 19th, the same day as the album’s release. European stops will include Belgium, Hamburg, Manchester, London, and Barcelona, but no stop in Dublin. Perhaps they’ll sneak on to the EP lineup at a later date.

The AC website has been given a beautifully trippy makeover in the build up to Painting With. Seriously, just go drag the curser across the screen and take in the face multiplying psychedelic vibez.

Album covers by Brian DeGraw

**cover image by Hisham Akira Bharoocha/Abby Portner. First appeared here.**


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